Making equal pay a reality. Raising the minimum wage. Ending campus sexual assault. Ensuring access to abortion. Protecting Planned Parenthood.

Many issues that affect women have taken a backseat in the news coverage this election -- but the Presidential debates could be a key opportunity to highlight them, IF the moderators ask the right questions. And when the issues most affecting women do receive attention, they get results -- remember Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" during a 2012 debate?

That's where you come in. UltraViolet members and allies are coming together to share what they think are the most important questions facing women.

The top-voted questions will be sent right to the debate moderators to make sure they know what thousands of American voters want to hear them ask the candidates. But time is short -- the debates are just around the corner.

Will you submit and vote on the top questions facing women right away?